What is Suda Consulting?

Suda Consulting was incorporated in 1997 as an Information technology firm. Over the next years we have remained relevant through many different technology paradigms. From mainframes with dumb data entry terminals to client server systems to today’s cloud base system that drive phone applications, Suda consulting has been there. We have many developed many different styles of solutions over the years and continue to do so, all within the constraints of a client focused custom solution. That’s not to say we have not developed areas of expertize because we have. Most of our solutions are based on some sort of data store and as such, we are excellent at database design with many of the different database products available today. With database design expertise comes quality experience of data analysis. So Suda consulting has strong background in data analysis tools but in particular IBM’s Cognos Business Intelligence suite of tools. All of the customer solutions provided require some technology to tie the bits together which is found in the software design skills found here Suda Consulting. That skill level covers the gambit of CSS to J2EE and C# allowing us to develop for many different platforms from simple web pages to corporate enterprise software solutions to phone applications.